Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint - SU1022

Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint is a pure acrylic, ready to use paint, when coated on roofing materials, reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roofing material from getting heated up, even in peak summer afternoons.

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Product Code: SU 1022
Application: Roller & Brush
Appearance: Low Sheen
Spread Rate: 6m2/l
Packaging: 5L & 20L
Colours: As per Standard Colour card

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  •  Since it works on the principle of continuous rejection of UV and IR rays, the roof itself is not getting heated up.  So the air below the roof never gets hot, keeping the rooms cool and comfortable.  This preventsthe building's deterioration for a longer period, extending the life of the buildings.  In air-conditioned areas, an attractive power saving of up to 20% can be noted during summer.
  • Impa Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint is a high performance one component, non-toxic, high emissivity, ready-to-use high Albedo, Heat Re-Radiating paint which significantly lowers the surface temperature of your roofs and exteriors resulting in:
  • Your building remains cool and even under intense sunlight conditions
  • Your staff remains cool and maintain higher level of productivity.
  • Your humidification and air conditioning costs cut up to 20%
  • Reduction of roof heat about 8°C to 20°C
  • Impa Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint is a high albedo product having Solar Reflectance of 0.95 and Emissivity as high as 0.91.  The Solar Reflective Index (SRI) for IMPA ENDURACRYL COOL ROOFPAINT is 122.
  • Solar heat incident on a roof is dissipated by means of three physical phenomena namely:
  • A fraction of the absorbed heat is conducted to the ground and surrounding buildings
  • A fraction is dissipated by convection to air leading to higher air temperatures, and
  • A fraction is radiated to the sky.
  • As such one has no control over the first two phenomena but the third one that is the amount of heat radiated can be maximized by Impa Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint coatings that inherently possess high emittance values.
  • Impa Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint is particulary useful where the terrace covers an air conditioned space.  A higher roof temperature necessarily leads to a higher load on the air-conditioning plant. 
  • A reduction in roof temperature will result in lower roof temperature with consequent savings in power consumption.
  • Impa Enduracryl Cool Roofpaint coating can be applied with ease on following surfaces:
  • Concrete, Plaster & Fiber (Nutec) Cement Sheet, Precoated Sheets
  • Galvanized/Powder coated galvanised Sheet.
  • Primed Metal


  • Ready to use single pack system
  • Repels heat energy & control heat transfer
  • Reduces air-conditioning running cost
  • The coating acts as a shield and protects the surface from heat and water
  • Its film is water resistant and does not support growth of fungus and algae
  • Does not crack due to wide temperature fluctuation
  • For green building, as its application gives required credit points
  • In poultry and live stock sheds for reducing heat stress
  • Malls, Schools, Hospitals for providing better work environment
  • In Industrial Sheds as its application reduces heat load
  • Residential Houses and Office Buildings by reducing cost of air conditioning
  • For Cold storage buildings
  • Railway Trucks and Defence vehicles
  • Has an outstanding adhesion capacity in the case of prepared galvanised surfaces, fiber cement and cement roof tiles.
  • Dries out rapidly and is hard and dry within 4 hours; (2) coats can therefore be applied within a day.
  • The product is water-based; dilution of the product and cleaning of equipment therefore performed at low coast.
  • It is coloured with colour-fast pigments and will therefore not fade in the sun or be affected by alkaline salts.
  • Reduction of temperature will save power and cost.

Disclaimer: The technical information contained in this document are given in good faith and are meant to be used as a guideline by the specifier or user. Whilst we are confident about the quality of our products, we cannot accept any liability for the incorrect use or application of our products. Surface preparation forms an integral part of the scope of works and it is expected that the highest standards are maintained during surface preparation and application, to ensure that our products perform as intended. Always ensure to use the same product batch numbers, refrain from doing spot touch-ups and paint surfaces from corner to corner to prevent colour and sheen variance. As technology may change over time we reserve the right to change products to keep up with changes in raw materials or product trends without pre notice. Although we will always privail to keep clients informed about changes to be made, but cannot bind ourself to such notes Please ensure the use of the latest Technical Data Sheet.