Silicone SB Water Repellent - RES2013

Silicone SB Water Repellent  is a liquid silicone carried by a solvent.  It is designed for sealing facebrick with no aesthestic change and for injection as a chemical damp proof course and to protect plaster against rising damp. 

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Product Code: RES 2013
Application: Roller & Brush
Appearance: Liquid
Spread Rate: 2,5m²/L per coat
Packaging: 750ml, 5L
Colours: Clear

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  • The product has been developed to penetrate porous masonry surfaces and to react with the structure prohibiting moisture absorption.  
  • Due to the high alkalinity of most brick and cement surfaces Silicone SB Water Repellent  has been formulated to be highly resistant to alkalinity using the Iso-Octyl Siloxane type technology.


  • Does not change the natural appearance of the substate.
  • Reduction of efflorescene
  • Improved thermal retention
  •  Impedance of fungal growth
  • Protection of joints from decay caused by acidic industrial atmosphere and frost
  • When fully cured it may be overcoated with decorative waterborne an solvent borne paints.  This combination enhances the weatherproofing properties of conventional coatings

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