The exterior style of your home might be the most important as it is the first thing your visitors see. Remodeling your exterior is quite similar to doing your interior, but it is very important to keep the natural elements in consideration. With the hot and sunny weather we experience in the beautifull summers in South Africa, it is important to choose products to protect your home. Deside on material and colours that reflects your families personality. If your not quite ready for a full-on remodel,you can easily swop out trims and change your paint colour to make a huge impact.

The most common style is to pick a neutral primary colour, like beige brown or gray. If your want to stray form the norm, use bold colours for accents by painting your door, garage door or fence a brigh colour like red, blue or green.


If you are someone that likes making a statement, you can choose to use brighter or warmer tones for your homes exterior! The great thing about renovating your home, interior or exterior is that there is no rules. Even if it is more common to use neutral colours for your exterior, it is always up to you! Use your favorite colour and style to ensure your house represent your personality.