Lounges or as we now know them as living/leisure rooms. These are family rooms, and usual the room where families unwind and and spend most of their free time. Because this is a place where many different personalities come together, people commonly decide on neutral colours to accommodate everyone personalities and style. Choose a neutral primary colour for the walls and larger items in the room, such as the furniture. This way you can quickly “spice” it up with a few bolder items, like interesting lighting, cushions or even artwork.


However,having a family room and choosing an accentuated wall with a warm colour, enhances the feel and quality of the area. This colour is completely up to your personal taste but earthy colours bring the outside in and can create a very relaxing atmosphere, where brighter colours will energize the area.

Leisure rooms may also be used for more formal lounges and can be toned to give a royal atmosphere.